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Frontends and interfaces

Our interfaces can be classified into three different categories:

Indexable interfaces

These are all public interfaces that are indexable by search engines. Our focus here is speed and allowing for easy data access. They are built with templates written in Go (quicktemplate) rendering the HTML content. We use Tailwind as our main CSS framework. Frontend components that need to be interactive are mostly implemented using Vanilla JavaScript for speed, but we are currently introducing Alpine.js.

Highly interactive embedded interfaces

Interfaces that do not need to be indexable by search engines and have a high complexity are implemented using Vue.js. They are then embedded into our normal templates.

Highly interactive stand-alone interfaces

The prime example for this type are management interfaces. They are written as Vue.js SPAs and communicate with the backend via our standard API.

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We're Hiring

  • Senior Data Engineer (m/f/x)

    We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to work in the intersection between engineering and data science. Help us improve our data processing workflows and push them to the next level.

  • Senior Vue.js Frontend Developer (m/f/x)

    We are looking for a Senior Vue.js Developer to support us in developing our external and internal interfaces. These include our checkout application, customer area and management interfaces for us and our merchants.