Vue.js at refurbed


Refurbed has a tech stack centered around Go (backend) and Vue.js (front-end).

When we need the best user experience and interactivity while building non-trivial user interfaces, Vue.js is our go-to technology. We use Vue.js in two ways: embedded in our server-side generated pages and full SPA:

  • Our checkout is a micro-frontend application embedded in our server-side generated pages. Checkout is a complex workflow involving validations, APIs, Payment systems, addon selections, etc. The user account section of the Website is another Vue micro-frontend following this pattern.

checkout application

Thanks to Vue, we can reuse components, think reactively, and find good patterns to keep our code isolated when doing A/B experiments.

  • Our new Merchant Interface builds on top of a full-fledged Vue SPA application, which integrates with our new gRPC APIs. An envoy proxy offers the grpc-web protocol to our application, and we consume this end-point with JavaScript bindings.

merchant application

We have reusable components built on top of Vuetify which allow integration with the gRPC APIs queries, filtering system and permission system while still following frontend good practices.

We test both applications with Jest and Cypress.

Other public pages (eg. Categories, Products) do not follow a SPA architecture. Instead we compile simple HTML/alpine.js decorated templates down to Go using quicktemplates.

Written by

Duncan Mac-Vicar

December 3, 2021

Duncan is a development lead at refurbed.

We're Hiring

  • Senior Go Backend Developer (m/f/x)

    We are looking for a Senior Go Developer to help us build our platform. This includes our main API, AMQP worker daemon as well as several other services.

  • Senior Data Engineer (m/f/x)

    We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to work in the intersection between engineering and data science. Help us improve our data processing workflows and push them to the next level.

  • Senior Vue.js Frontend Developer (m/f/x)

    We are looking for a Senior Vue.js Developer to support us in developing our external and internal interfaces. These include our checkout application, customer area and management interfaces for us and our merchants.

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